BYO Policy


Alcohol Policy

The purpose of this BYO (Bring Your Own) Alcohol policy is to provide some guidance to customers and staff on BYO at the Otaki venue.

1. Scope

This policy covers the Otaki-Maori Racecouse buildings and grounds.
The Racing Club has legislative obligations to ensure that it provides a safe environment and acts consistently with all relevant liquor licensing requirements.
OMRC aims to:

  • Ensure it provides high quality food and beverage services that are competitively priced at all its events.

  • Ensure it acts responsibly and in a manner consistent to its organisational values.

  • Ensure that it operates in a commercially positive and business-like manner.

  • Legislation and OMRC policies relating to to this include:

  • Sale of Liquor Act.

  • The Health and Safety Act.

  • Relevant liquor licensing arrangements at Otaki.

2. BYO Policy

BYO is not permitted at any race day. For all its events, OMRC will ensure it offers a wide range of products at competitive prices.

The OMRC recognises that in the past it has been a tradition within NZ Racing to allow customers to BYO to race days, although a lot of NZ Clubs are now restricting when BYO can be bought on course and in conjunction with Liquor Licencing authorities and the NZ Police this will continue to decline as responsible clubs seek to better manage alcohol consumption at their venues.

The OMRC has stopped BYO to ensure:

  • It is more able to regulate drinking behaviours.

  • It is acting in commercially positive manner.

Premier race days and or other big event days traditionally attract larger crowds and require significant funding to run. The OMRC has a requirement to run these days in a safe, professional manner in relation to the Sale of Liquor.

3. BYO Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks may be bought in to the course, however with the following restrictions:

  • No glass bottles.

  • Only sealed and unopened plastic containers, or empty containers of less than 2 litres capacity that may be used as refillable water bottles are permitted.

  • Any guests bringing any opened or glass containers will be asked to return them to their vehicles if possible or confiscated and destroyed.

  • Food may be brought in to the course for consumption at any public location (Public lawn, Public Stand, public seating areas etc) however is not permitted in the Members Stand or any other hospitality area unless specifically stated.

  • Chilly bins are permitted but must be opened for inspection on entry.

  • BBQ's are not permitted to be brought on to the course.

  • Glass/china/ceramic plates are not permitted.